Comprehensive Evaluation – This initial appointment takes place in your home or community setting, and includes filling out wellness history paperwork and discussion with a physical therapist. Personalized goal setting is also an important part of this first step in your health and wellness journey.

Lymphatic Wellness Consultation – Do you suffer from headaches/migraines, acne, allergies, constipation or other minor health annoyances? Or do you just want to stimulate/strengthen your immune system? Try the lymphatic wellness massage. The massage has been described as “butterflies kissing the skin” due to the light touch required to stimulate the lymphatic system. The initial consultation will aid you in determining if this type of massage will be of benefit to you.

Lymphedema Private Session – Each individual lymphatic wellness massage session will rejuvenate the body, leaving you feeling ready to take on the world.

Dietician Evaluation – Are you ready to change the way you feel about food and nutrition? Our dietician evaluations are personalized, inspiring, and designed to set you on the path to a healthy relationship with food and with your body.

Dietician Session – Regularly scheduled sessions with our registered dietician for accountability, progress reporting, and dietary adjustments.

Massage Therapist Session – Relaxation is great, but restoration is better. Our massage therapy sessions provide both. All the techniques and tools our therapists use are designed to maximize function and bring restoration to your body.

Private Fitness Session – With the goal of increasing flexibility, mobility, strength, and cardiovascular fitness, a fitness session with one of our physical therapists will set you on a focused path to a longer, healthier life.

Spiritual Wellness Referrals – Upon request, referrals will be made to the spiritual advisor of your choice.

Financial Services – Our retired CPA and Registered Investment Advisor can help you take control of your finances, craft a personalized workable plan that will help you reach your financial goals, and bring you peace of mind.